Thursday, April 15, 2010

How do you know if you have really won a sweepstakes?

i enter a sweepstakes and i got something in the mail about it but i am not sure if its real it says i am the winner i don't know if its a scam how do you tell.

How do you know if you have really won a sweepstakes?
If there is no one knocking on your door to present you with a check for bookoo bucks.

There is no TV camera out there to record you screaming OMG then you probably didn't win.

All the ones I have entered strung me along for months with promise after promise then at the end tried to sell me something.

If you won, they will record your reaction.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Reply:contact the Better Business Bureau
Reply:If you entered the sweep and received a letter in the mail that you're the winner - it sounds good so far! But there are a few signs that it could be a scam. Some of them include:

* Was the letter sent by bulk mail?

* Did it use a generic "Dear Winner" greeting instead of your real name?

* Did it ask for money before you would receive the win?

* Did it ask for a bank account or credit card number (social security numbers are ok, though, many sweepstakes require them from winners).

For more information, check out the top signs that a win is a scam:

and How to Research a Win Notification:

Good luck!

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