Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I wasting my time and energy with entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes?

PCH sends me notices of new drawings via email and I continue to enter them. I heard just recently on a news channel that someone had found dumpsters full of mailed in entries (unopened) outside of the PCH building. That makes me wonder if the entries done online even goes to their system. I can't help but be wonder if it is all just a waste of time. Then again there is that part of me that is hopefull and enters "just in case".

Am I wasting my time and energy with entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes?
Just in case do not get your hopes up!! I have done that for years and no luck in winning! Good Luck!!
Reply:its more or less like a scam, they want you to spend alot of money then you never win. i know people who has played for years and never came close to winning. just a rip off.they getting rich not you.
Reply:There's no harm in it, since you're not actually gambling. But your chances of winning are about as good as hitting the lottery, which isn't saying much.

After signing up a little over a year ago, I was bombarded with daily e-mails telling me I could easily win. Of course they tried to entice me to buy products with every one. Lots of products, which you have to scan through to find the heart of the message. You have to respond to each e-mail in order to have a shot at winning, which always takes time.

Naturally, they claim that making a purchase doesn't increase the chances of winning, but I've always wondered about that.

They're good at what they do. They'll send you e-mails saying that someone with your initials in your city and state is going to win. Their prize patrol is scheduled to hand out a prize in your city in the very near future. If you memorize the following message and say it when you win, you'll win more. Don't miss out. Hurry, and all the other hype that goes along with it.

I eventually grew tired of the flooded inbox and just stopped replying. Eventually the e-mails stopped.

Your call. If you decide to continue, I wish you the best.

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