Friday, November 20, 2009

Has anyone actually won any sort of sweepstakes?

I never win ANYTHING!! Not even a t-shirt or something!!

Has anyone ever won anything by entering online contests, or is it all a gimmick to get people to visit their sites?

Has anyone actually won any sort of sweepstakes?
Never won a thing. I think they just use the information so they can call you on the telephone at all hours of the day and night.
Reply:When I was 6, there was this spin the wheel thing at The Bay, of course I was fascinated by this, so I asked my mommy could we line up to spin it. I spun it, and I got some big prize o-o... though it wasn't very cool.... Was just some old time radio :/
Reply:ya i do those contest's all the time i think they fake it and say some 1 one so they dont actually have to give a prize
Reply:I've won 450,000 dollars and a trip to The Bahamas. It was alright and I gave all of my money to charity.

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  1. When I enter regularly I win regularly. I won $250 dollars from General mills one year - I enter so many I actually forgot until I got the check in the mail. I won a very expensive hair straitening iron, a new ps3 when first came out along with all sorts of dvds and blue rays - about thirty - for i think time warner's anniversary sweeps...lets see expensive toys - just in time for xmas and bdays...and gift i did play a better homes and gardens sweeps that irritated me cause i played and instant and got a car come up three in a row - which was what was required - a matching row - and it was a prize but they told me i won a gift card. that sucked. I win books alot, coupons to get items free...all kinds of things - once I won a $1000 gc to a nice spa